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The Seed to Good-Natured Living

March 17, 2024

Pinecones — at least the ones that grow on trees — hold seeds with the scales closing up to protect them from cold weather, high wind and animals and then opening to release seeds when the weather warms. 

Our signature pinecone found at Evergreen’s entry holds the promise of good-natured living. It’s a pretty special lifestyle; our pinecone is pretty special, too. Standing at 38 feet, 1 inch tall with a diameter of 25 feet, the pinecone was created by Renfrow + Co., creative metalsmiths who design and fabricate enduring, large-scale works that transform spaces into unique experiences.

Two types of aluminum were used to manufacture the structure, with a specialized process for bending the aluminum that incorporates custom urethane press brake dies and a protective film. The 136 petals range in size from 2.5 feet by 3.5 feet to 5 feet by 8 feet. Renfrow special-ordered aluminum sheets measuring 7 by 24 feet to manufacture the five different sizes of petals. To streamline assembly, Renfrow used an inkjet system integrated with a CNC table that marks parts without compromising the aluminum’s surface. About 100 gallons of paint in two different colors were used to create depth on the top and bottom of the petals.

During installation, the structure’s weight was a consideration — the base plate weighs almost a ton and the steel body frame about four tons. The petals range from 20 to 200 pounds. In all, the monument weighs about 21,000 pounds. Two cranes were used during installation, working simultaneously to unload, hoist and install the various components. Neoprene outdoor washers good for ozone, UV lights and weather effects were used with the hardware that locks in the petals to the body.

It took 40 Renfrow crew members to roll, next, cut, bend, fabricate, grind and install the pinecone with a separate team in charge of painting. Their skill is impressive and on permanent display at our entrance. Stop by for a look and a selfie of what could be the world’s largest pinecone!

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