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The Benefits of Taking a Walk

March 15, 2023

At Evergreen, residents will soon be able to traverse miles of trails winding through shady trees and expansive green belts and along a sparkling creek. That’s great news because walking is one of the best forms of exercise! What are the benefits of taking a long walk in a community like Evergreen? Check it out.

Forest Bathing Improves Your Mood

Research shows forest bathing improves your mood and lessens feelings of anxiety. What is forest bathing? It’s the practice of visiting nature, slowing down and taking notice of the sights, sounds and smells around you. When you move into your Evergreen home, you’ll be able to forest bathe every day.

It’s Good for Your Heart

If you want to show your heart some love, take it for a walk. Walking has been shown to lower your blood pressure, control your blood sugar and decrease your risk for heart disease. Walking just 30 minutes per day confers all these health benefits.

It’s Good for Your Bod

Hate the gym? No worries. An hour a day on the trails can protect your bones, strengthen your immune system and relieve joint pain. Research has shown that regular aerobic exercise reduces your chance of getting a cold. Weight-bearing exercise such as walking can slow bone loss in people with osteoporosis. If you are looking for low-impact exercise that’s easy on your joints, walking is your best bet.

Helps You Lose Weight

You don’t need a do a high intensity work out to lose weight. Just go for a walk. In a small study of overweight women, researchers compared long walks with shorter, more frequent walks. They discovered that women who took two 25-minute walks per day lost more weight than those who took one 50-minute walk per day. You can do that easily!

Helps Your Get More Done

Exercise is good for your brain. It can improve your memory, stave off brain fog, make you more productive and get your creative juices flowing. Researchers think walking outdoors can improve creativity. Walking has been shown to combat age-related mental decline. Not feeling productive at the office? Take a walk.

You’ll Live Longer

While we can’t say for sure why some people live longer than others, we do know that quality of life is an important indicator. Walking improves your physical, mental and emotional health. Researchers studying older adults who took 15-minute walks four days a week found that they lived longer than those that didn’t.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that walking is good for you, and a good place to walk will be the many planned miles of trails in Evergreen. Visit us to learn how you can live better today in Evergreen.

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